Tartarus & Jan Johnston – Something’s Missing

Jan Johnston is an English professional singer, best known for collaborating with some of the world’s top trance music DJs such as TiestoPaul van DykPaul OakenfoldThe ThrillseekersBT and Cosmic Gate to name a few. Soviet Recordings are proud to present her new release with very talanted trance duo Tartarus. “Something’s Missing” incl. remixes from Adam Sheridan, Ex-plosion, Fergie & Sadrian, Diego Brahim, Allex, Fido X, Alpha Force vs. Olbaid, Trancelicious and Alpay Sahingoez!


Raveline Magazine (Germany): Remember Last Summer! 10/10!

Graham Gold (UK): Cool Sharidan mix!

DJ Vibe (Portugal): Stuff to work out. I’ll try it. Thanks!

Andre Visior (Germany): Supporting Adam Sheridan remix.

Steve Anderson (UK): Supporting Adam Sheridan’s remember amnesia mix.

Suzy Solar (USA): Awesome tracks! I’m especially digging the Diego Brahim remix.

Tempo Giusto (Finland): I’ll support Adam Sheridan remix.

Alexsed (USA): What a great vocal tune! Remix from Fergie & Sadrian is the champ in here! Also, Fido X remix is great!

Cerera (Russia): Supporting Alpay Sahingoez remix, 10/10!

Wally (Egypt): 10/10 for Allex remix, will support for sure!

Wim Waumans (Belgium): Fergie & Sadrian remix is for me. Felt this production the strongest! Big anthem, full support!

Taranhawk (Lebanon): Supporting Ex-Plosion Remix!

Thiago Bachet (Netherlands): Ex-plosion Remix is my favourite. Support!

VG vs. Dave Sullivan (Hungary): We’ll support Adam Sheridan remix.

Jorge Navarro (Spain): Adam Sheridan’s mix is the best for me, thanks!

Buy on Beatport.com!


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