Ex-Plosion – dj, producer and our Soviet Recordings label owner from Moscow. His music was already supported by such heavyweights in dance industry as Tiesto, Matt Darey, Roger Sanchez, Deep Dish, Andy Moor, Binary Finary, Christopher Lawrence,  Judge Jules, and many more. Ex-Plosion was twice ranked the #1 in Russia at in 2008 and 2009.

Fido X:

Fido X

Fido X a.k.a. Matej Peternel is one of the most talanted trance producers in Slovenia. His releases were supported by such top psy-progressive trance heavyweights as Christopher Lawrence and John 00 Fleming! Fido X was the first to release a solo album on our label.



Tartarus is the project by two talanted producers, Ben Hennessy and Brian Neal. They made their debut with such bangers as Somethings Missing (with Jan Johnston) and Beyond The Rainbow (feat. Michelle Hutcheson). Upcoming projects with Jan Johnston, Marcia Juell, Bonse and Kirsty Hawkshaw plus quality remixes to come! Stay tuned!

Tony Palmer:

Tony Palmer

Tony Palmer is a talanted dj, producer and remixer from Hungary. Tony has his own style in all of productions he making, no matter if its Progressive House or Trance. We are proud to present all of his current stuff including This World solo album on our label.



Allex is Marian Lohnicky, progressive house and electro progressive dj from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. He won the Expedition Booking looking for new faces contest in 2009 and played on such big parties as Beautiful Things festival and Bee Free 2010, the biggest festival of EDM in Slovakia.

Fergie & Sadrian:

Fergie & Sadrian

Fergie & Sadrian comprises Fernando Picciano and Adrian Sartore. These two producers are based in Buenos Aires and influenced by the Uplifting trance & tech trance sound of producers such as Simon Patterson, Christopher Lawrence, Bryan Kearney, John Askew, Activa and Reaky. They are mostly known by their own Trance Traffic Ahead radio show broadcasted in several countries of South America.



Taranhawk is one of the best and most talanted producers in Lebanon. After some succesfull releases, such as Sunset and Heaven7, Taranhawk started his own radio show called Think Trance. Now he is one of our main headliners with a lot of great released and upcoming trance tunes.

Alpay Sahingoez:


Born in 1984 in Bucharest, Romania, Mihail Juganaru (a.k.a. Trancelicious) found the love for electronic music when he was around 10 years old and listened to a tape with Scooter, Marusha and other techno and happy hardcore artists. Now we are happy to present you his stylish Progressive and Tech Trance tunes on our label.

Alpay Sahingoez:

Alpay Sahingoez

Alpay Sahingoez – progressive/tech trance producer and remixer from Germany. His productions skills were noted by labels owner Ex-Plosion, who offered him to make a remix on Octobers Child. Today Alpays own productions were supported by such big djs as Paul Oakenfold, Bobina, Suzy Solar, Andrea Mazza, and Steve Anderson to name a few.

Mike White Presents:


Mike White Presents were formed by dance music fans Mikeyboy and DJ Danny after they met while working for the same TV production company in London, UK. Upon discovering a shared passion for the music of BT and Tiesto, and for the afterhour joys of drunken Karaoke, they decided to create a platform for creating ambient, experimental, cinematic, theatrical, melodramatic house music/pop music that was closer to movie soundtrack music than to traditional bangin club tunes.



Balazs Szloboda is a house dj and producer from Nyiregyhaza (Hungary). After big success in the clubs all over Hungary his back with the banging release on our sublable Black Caviar Records – Listen To Your Faith including Original and Radio mixes + 6 versions from very talanted remixers.

Dany Oghia:

Dany Oghia

Dany Oghia has been producing music for the better part of his life. Living now in Toronto, Dany was born in Dubai during the rich developmental period and was witness to electronic music progress from obscurity to mainstream. Artists like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Jean-Michel Jarre could be heard from Dany`s room. He found inspiration in these beautilful synthetic soundscapes and twisted rhythms.

Anatoliy Frolov:

Anatoliy Frolov

Anatoliy Frolov (a.k.a. Frederick Sound) is Russian dj and producer. He starting in 1999 and now played with such djs as Kyau & Albert, Bart Claessen, Tenthu and others and have his own radioshow on Trance FM.



Born in 1988 in Mumbai, India, Bibhas begun producing his own tracks by 2008. His tracks are all about beautiful synths, serene atmospheric pads and uplifting climaxes full of feelings. Found by Laslo Barkasi, who wished to release Bibhas` music under Soviet Recordings label. His debut Man Of Two Worlds EP was supported by such names as Airwave, Suzy Solar, Andrea Mazza, and Tempo Giusto to name a few, and was voted as the Track Of The Year 2010 in Ex-Plosion`s Synthetic Revolution radio show.


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